Dc Kalis Vulc Shoes 2020

This is the Dc Kalis Vulc shoe which is the vulc version of the kalis og and the kalis S shoes. Dc shoes is gonna make all those vulc shoe lovers happy with the release of this model and especially the vulc fans of Josh Kalis. A simple style with the side line from the Og and the S models.
It is true that the Dc Kalis Og and the Dc Kalis S shoe, are 2 old skool style and bulky skate shoes and they are not suitable for every kind of skater’s style. Honestly, i couldn’t understand why they released this shoe as a Josh Kalis model, as i believe that it would have made more sense that this shoe would have been either a Wes Kremer either an Evan Smith new pro model that matches more with their shoe style but Dc knows better….

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