Dvs Lutzka Skate Shoe Review


Sizing: The Dvs Lutzka skate shoe fits true to size. I suggest you to buy them in your normal shoe size.The shoe’s internal tongue elastic straps keeps your feet secured inside the shoe.

Boardfeel/Grip:  The Dvs Lutzka skate shoe is Greg Lutzka’s 1st pro model from Dvs Footwear. The shoe look reminds a lot of  the Pressure Sc model from Dvs . Almost iconic i would say with their bigger difference being the side stitching pattern.
Dvs Lutzka+

The boardfeel in the Lutzka shoe is great straight out of the box. The shoe is super flexible and you can feel every inch of your board when at the same time the grip of the sole is perfect. This shoe might be a cupsole but in terms of boardfeel and grip it’s like skating a vulc.

Shape:  The Dvs Lutzka skate shoe  is definitely one of the slimmest cupsole shoes out there which was something that i really enjoyed. Going from back to the front the sole is getting slightly slimmer.The toe are is pointy and it will help you get your flips easier.The tongue is short with minimum padding and due to the elastic straps it is always centered. The shape after a lot of sessions hasn’t been changed and the shoe didn’t become wider.

Durability: After having tried shoes such as the New balance 913’s or the Dc legacy slims and others, the durability standards were too high. There are 3 parts that i would like to divide the durability conversation for the Lutzka shoes. First part is the toe cap; the toe cap is holding up great after a lot of kickflips and this is also due to the shoe’s construction, as the sole is around 1-1.5mm in front of the suede which leads into the fact that the abrasion of every kickflip is first taken by the sole before the suede. This gives longevity to shoe.
Second part is the ollie area; Although i am a goofy skater, i prefer to skate more nollie and switch and that’s why you can see my left shoe being more ripped in the ollie area. The stitching after 2 weeks of skating started to being ripped off slowly. You can easily avoid this by just adding some drops of an instant super glue on the stitching and this will keep your stitching in place and undamaged guaranteed. But since i am doing  a review i didn’t want to add glue or anything else on stitching because i wanted to see how things would go normally. So yes the ollie triple stitched area can hold up for around 2 weeks max before start to rip off but i suggest to prevent this with some glue drops on the stitching because this shoe really deserves it(i have to point out that i was skating a new deck with these shoes).  Third part is the sole; The sole is surprisingly durable and after 2 weeks of skating with new grip it is still in great condition.No holes or flat spots and still with plenty of grip.

Cushioning: The Dvs Lutzka skate shoes feature the Vaporcell+ insole which provides superior comfort and cushioning to the shoe as seen on Dvs’s website and this is true. The shoe’s insole provides all the comfort and impact protection that you might need. The insole has an extra heel pad and it is really cushy on every step. Even if there is no more tech in this shoe as it was for example in the Dvs Comanche 2.0 shoes with the Vaporcell midsole, the shoes performed great cushion and comfort wise.

Style:   The Dvs Lutzka skate shoes have a unique style which can match with everything you want to do in your day whether this is skateboarding, school, walking or going out at night. I really like the way this shoe looks and i also like the fact that it can match with eveyone’s style. I expect to see a bit more color in these besides the classic black and grey as i believe that this model can really support more colorways.Go for it without any doubt!

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