Adidas Copa Nationale Skate Shoe Review

adidas copa nationale

Sizing: The Adidas copa nationale skate shoe fits true to size. Although the size might feel good in the beginning and there is not extra room in the toe area, you will experience some heel slipping which is something i really don’t enjoy on a skate shoe. I wouldn’t recommend going half size down, as this could lead on having pain on your toes. I have replaced the adidas insoles with thicker ones and it reduced a bit this heel slip as the fit became more snug but still didn’t solve the problem.

Boardfeel/Grip:  The Adidas copa nationale is a realy flexible shoe and this means that boardfeel is 100% there.The cloudfoam midsole really helps on the flexibility and comfort that this shoe provides. In terms of grip also the performance is really good and the tread pattern on the sole works great. Talking about grip i would like to mention the flick grip, as in the toe area the shoe there has been added a rubberized TPU tip for extra protection. The flick was good but still i am not so sure if this material improved the flip or if i would prefer to just see normal suede there.I think i would prefer to just have suede in the toe area.

Shape:  Talking about the shape, the is no doubt that this shoe reminds a football/soccer shoe style. And in fact from its name, the shoe is an advanced version of the adidas copa soccer shoe, upgraded to meet the today’s standards of skateboarding. So the shoe has in general a slim profile with a pointy toe. The shoes shape seems to get a bit wider by time and the fit loosens up as well.

Durability:  I skated this shoes for 6-7 sessions only due to the fact that the heel slip off is a big downside for me, so i cannot be very accurate in the ‘durability’ term. But from my experience, i would say that the stitching in the toe is great and holds up good, the sole holds up great without having any flat spots and after 6-7 sessions still looks like new. For the lace breakers i can say that the laces in that shoe is not easy to break as their position is a bit higher due to the shape of the shoe.

Cushioning: The adidas copa nationale shoe as i have previously mentioned features a  cloudfoam midsole which provides nice comfort and a bit of cushioning as well. Although, I would recommend these shoes to skate flat, manuals, curbs and banks but for sure not gaps and stairs. The insoles are pretty slim and basic and they don’t provide any added cushioning.

Style:   To be honest when i first saw the adidas copa nationale i wanted to try them out straight because they looked very nice in my eyes. They reminded me of another soccer/football inspired adidas skate shoe, the samba adv. The style of these 2 models is very close but i found the heel slip off as a huge downside of the copa nationale model and this got me a bit disappointed. If you don’t have any issue and you are not like me wanting your shoes to have a snug fit, then i’m pretty sure you will enjoy these shoes.

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