Nike Sb P-Rod X Skate Shoe Review


Sizing: The Nike Sb P-Rod X skate shoes is the 10th Paul Rodriguez’s pro model and they run smaller than usual in the toe area, so if you choose to buy your normal Nike Sb size you will find the shoe too uncomfortable that you might not be even able to walk more than 30 minutes on these. I tried it in both sizes normal and half size bigger. I thought that buying half size bigger would have been perfect but then the shoe fitted a bit big and with extra room which i didn’t like.

Boardfeel/Grip: In terms of boardfeel the Nike Sb Paul Rodriguez’s P-rod X skate shoe is a slimmed down shoe and is by far different from all  the previous Paul Rodriguez’s models. The boardfeel of this model increases as it starts to break in. The grip is pretty good and you will never have a complaint about the outsoles being slippery.

Shape: The shape of the Nike Sb P-Rod X skate shoe features something in between of a pointy and a circular toe. The shoes definitely keep the shape despite the period you are skating on them.

Durability: The previous years all the Nike SB Paul Rodriguez’s skate shoes were super durable and pretty difficult to rip them. Despite the fact of the P-Rod X being a slimmer version, these  are by far more durable than the average slimmed down shoes you will find out there. The suede keeps up very good and the sole as well. The only problem you might face is the stitching as we are not talking about an one piece toe cap.

Cushioning: If you have tried older Nike SB Paul Rodriguez’s skate shoe models like for example his 1st, 2nd or 3rd pr model up to to his latest ones, you should have already known that cushioning was always the #1 point and maybe it was the part that was paid more attention. With his latest model it is supposed that there is still a zoom air heel bag inserted in the sole but in my opinion i never felt any kind of cushioning. The only thing i felt, is that the shoe has a specific kinda of  an ortholite shape when you put your feet inside. It might feel a bit awkward at first, but after a while you will start to appreciate this internal shape.

Style: I always liked Nike SB Paul Rodriguez’s skate shoes and i always wanted to review them so as to share my experience as i am a fan of his skating and his shoes as well. With this last model when i first saw it, i thought that he wanted to pass to a better ‘sales’ shoe era and try to attract more people to buy it. This skate shoe didn’t remind me a lot of Paul Rodriguez but it reminded more of the Nike SB Stefan Janoski’s skate shoes. This doesn’t mean that i didn’t like the way it looks. I liked it, as it is a stylish slimmed down shoe but i would prefer if there has been paid more attention to the fit  in the toe area and how they could have made it a more comfortable skate shoe.

nike sb p-rod x skate shoe review

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