New Balance Numeric 913 Skate Shoe Review


Sizing: The New Balance Numeric 913 skate shoe fits true to size. I suggest that you buy it in your normal shoe size.

Boardfeel/Grip: Starting with the grip, since your first step on your skateboard you will realize that these shoes have an excellent grip. The outsole’s material is the so called ‘Ndurance rubber’ which will keep your feet gripped to your skateboard. In the ollie and kickflip area you will notice that kind of printed texture which will add a little bit of abrasion resistance to the shoe. The Brandon Westgate’s pro model from New Balance Numeric features a full length REVlite Eva midsole and this does not compromise at all the boardfeel of the shoe. The shoe feels great after the first 10-15 minutes of skating with perfect boardfeel which i can say it really surprised me because in the beginning they felt a bit stiff. The REVlite midsole adds a lot of flexibility to the shoe which is one of the most important factors for boardfeel.

Shape: The New Balance Numeric 913 skate shoes have a great shape. At first, i had some doubts about the toe area as it looked too squarish but i realized that the shoe’s toe box is pointy , and being a bit squarish at the same time. This resulted in having an excellent control on my foot placement before attempting any trick.

Durability: All the pictures i added are from at least 10 sessions, so it is easy to understand that this is not an average skate shoe but by far above that! The shoe have some very small signs of wear in the ollie and kickflip area but nothing too much. Also some small signs are noticeable in the heel cap from heelflip tricks. As per the outsole, the Ndurance material is built to last twice the life of the average outsole and that is for sure true, as there are not flat spots or any signs of getting some in the near future.

Cushioning: As stated above the New Balance Numeric 913 skate shoes feature the REVlite Eva midsole to add comfort, cushion and support and it really does the job. But New Balance Numeric didn’t stop there…they added an N2 Cushioning in the heel area which is a low-to-ground cushioning technology that uses less material underfoot while delivering impact absorption equal to or better than shoes with traditional midsole heights. The result is improved board feel without sacrificing protection.

Style:  The New Balance Numeric 913 skate shoes look absolutely stunning! I still skate those shoes till today and every time i put them on my feet it feels perfect and i definitely like how they look. It is a very good looking shoe , with some similarities to the New Balance Numeric Stratford 533 v2 shoe but the additional tech specs leveled this shoe up. I wait more colors of this model which definitely took a place on of my Top 3.

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