Dc Legacy Slim 98 Skate Shoe Review

dc legacy slim

Sizing: The Dc legacy slim 98 skate shoe fits true to size. There is a very nice feeling when you wear this shoe with a pretty secured and snug feel. In the toe area the shoes fit perfect without causing any pain or uncomfortable feeling to your toes.

Boardfeel/Grip:  The Dc legacy slim 98 skate shoe is a cupsole. They might seem a bit bulky(which is not the truth) but when you skate them you feel exactly the opposite. These shoes felt so good while skating that i cannot describe.When i first saw these shoes i never expected that they would have had such an amazing boardfeel and grip.They are so flexible, especially after the first hours of walking that they feel like the perfect skate shoe. The half front part of the shoe is extremely flexible and grippy that you always feel where your feet are placed and at the same time the grip is perfect.

Shape: The shape of this reissued model back from 98 reminds of that era of skateboarding . A more skate shoe shape than what skate shoes have today. The Dc legacy slim 98 have a great original skate shoe shape with rounded toe.The shoes don’t lose their shape, something that reminds us the old style shoes too. Also not to forget to mention that the tongue is medium puffed and it is connected with straps to keep it centered.

Durability: Maranas, Joslin’s and now the Dc legacy skate shoes completed my top 3 list of the most durable skate shoes.Their durability is outstanding as the suede keeps up perfect after a lot of sessions without any kind of rip off and the outsole as well. No worries for durability.

Cushioning:  The Dc legacy slim 98 features a UniLite midsole which provides perfect cushioning and comfort. The insoles are Ortholite insoles for added comfort. I wouldn’t change anything to increase the cushioning on this shoe.

Style: Although they might seem a bit bulky in the beginning because nowadays skate shoes have the trend to be slimmer, the Dc legacy slim 98 are not what they look like. In fact they are as bulky as the Emerica Reynolds G6 if you have ever tried but when skating these are by far a  better shoe, as the durability, boardfeel, grip and comfort are in a perfect balance. The style is pretty nice and it is a good looking shoe for my taste, but of course there will be a lot of people who will never give them a chance due to their bulkier look. Although, if you are not going to give them a try, i guarantee you that you are gonna skip a great skate shoe.

Dc legacy slim 98 skate shoes3Dc legacy slim 98 skate shoesDc legacy slim 98 skate shoesDc legacy slim 98 skate shoes

Check the unboxing of the Dc legacy slim 98 skate shoes at skateshoeguru youtube channel so as to have an idea how do they really look like! Just click on the image below and you will redirect to the video! Enjoy!⤵



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