1. Can i get these NB shoes in My country Nepal if u guys are providing in my country…or any shops through skateshoeguru..

  2. Hello,
    i suggest you should contact Titus or Skatedeluxe and ask them if they ship to your country.Thanks!

  3. Nah man, this shoe was so on point. The shoe protects your foot so well, it makes me never want to skate vulcs so much compared to what this shoe has to offer. It’s timeless and has 3 layers of durable Shit. The pricepoint is so hard to beat for what it offers and the grip is hella grippy, best grip ever! You can jump down anything in these and they are fantastic! You don’t need laces and it’s honestly my favorite skate shoe of all time, some may beg to differ but it gives you everything you need in a skate shoe, simplistic, durable, and looks like a dress shoe 😂

    • It is not a bad shoe but it lacks on flexibility similar to the spanky g6. It has a good fit, a nice flick and it is for sure durable but boardfeel is nowhere.The sole is stiff and it needs so much time to break them in. Style wise the shoe has a simplistic look, not too fancy. Now as you mentioned the price, this shoe has a retail price of 80 euros and honestly i would prefer to spend this amount or even a bit more to buy a more advanced cupsole which could combine boardfeel with cushioning/comfort.

  4. Awesome review! Just ordered a pair. Can’t believe dvs goes under the radar in the skate game

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