Adidas 3st.004 Skate Shoe Review

adidas-3st-004-collegiate-orangecore-black-footwear-whiteSizing: The new Adidas 3st.004 Tyshawn Jones skate shoe fits true to size and provides a snug and stable fit. I got these shoes in the same US size as i do for  Dc,  Es, Etnies.

Boardfeel/Grip: This pretty fresh model from Adidas skateboarding designed from Scott Johnston among with the skater of the year 2018 Tyshawn Jones, is in my opinion the best of its line. The adidas 3st.004 skate shoe is the first model to bring back the Boost technology  after the older adidas model the dorado adv. The shoe features the adi boost technology in the heel part only so as to keep the front part of the shoe lower so as not to sacrifice the boardfeel. The boardfeel is perfect and the grip of the adidas 3st.004 shoes is oustanding. The sole is made from material that is more elastic than the usual adidas sole patterns and for that reason the grip is far better than any other adidas skate shoe i have ever tried. Although the sole is more elastic so more flexible as well , this does not mean that the sole rips easily. The sole is made of high durability material which combines everything that a skater wants, grip-boardfeel-durability.

Shape: The shape of the this model is pretty nice. In the mid-front the shoe keeps a low  profile and while you look further back it is becoming a bit more supportive so it may looks a bit bulkier in the mid-back part. Also the adidas 3st.004 skate shoe has a very well shaped toe which makes it more comfortable for the flip tricks. The adi boost in the heel area will never be a problem for your heelflips.

Durability: This newest model from adidas skateboarding in my opinion is the most durable of the 3st line and in general from any adidas skateboarding line. The suede upper seems to be of a higher quality and you will understand this from the way it starts to fade off after your first ollies. The outsole is extremely durable giving to the shoe all this skate life that a skater needs. The shoe laces will never break as they are placed a bit higher than in any other skate shoe that you had in the past. In the kickflip area you have first to rip the sole which will take a while as we are talking for a very durable material before reaching the suede.

Cushioning: Adidas 3st.004 skate shoe is a model which focuses on the comfort for a skaters’ feet. That’s the reason that the adidas skateboarding designers added the highest technology known from adidas the adidas Boost technology in the heel area. This feature makes the shoe pretty comfortable and brings the highest level of cushioning for your feet. I believe a lot of you will wonder why not having this Boost technology all way from the heel area to the toe but i believe the cost of the shoes would have exceeded by far what a skater is willing to pay for a skate shoe(price is already 119 €/$)  and also this would have sacrificed the boardfeel. For those people who like to skate big stuff like gaps and stair set this is a pretty good skate shoe to chose as your heels will be covered. Also for those who like to skate ledges, banks,manuals and flat it is also a good choice due the the very good boardfeel and grip it provides.

Style: Not a lot to say about the style of the adidas 3st.004 model. In my eyes this model is one of the most well shaped skate shoes and they look and feel amazing. As you have already understood this is my top choice shoe nowadays to skate among with the dc legacy slim 98 shoes. I like when i skate them and just looking to them it makes you feel super good. A great looking skate shoe!


Check the unboxing of the adidas 3st.004 skate shoes at skateshoeguru youtube channel so as to have an idea how do they really look like! Just click on the image below and you will redirect to the video! Enjoy!⤵

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