Etnies Marana Michelin Skate Shoe Review


Sizing: The Etnies Marana Michelin skate shoes fit true to size. They feature a very nice and comfortable fit without this meaning that they are too loose. They have a perfect fit and your foot stays locked in if you buy your normal size.

Boardfeel/Grip:  The Etnies Marana Michelin skate shoes is a cupsole construction skate shoe. Usually cupsole shoes don’t have so much grip and boardfeel compared to the vulcanized ones. With the Marana though, i had perfect boardfeel and i found myself really satisfied in that section. The same exists for the grip as they feature the Michelin patent outsole, a patent that is used in the car tyres and in fact it is 3x more durable without sacrificing the grip. 

Shape: The shape of the shoe is one of the best i have ever skated. I am a fan of cupsole skate shoes and the Etnies Marana Michelin has become one of my all time favorite skate shoe. Their shape is amazing especially the shape in the toe area and combined with the thermothane rubber it will make your flips feel better. The shape after one month of skating them is more or less the same as it was in the first day. Of course as expected, the shoes became a bit softer but that was a good point for sure. 


Durability: The durability of the Etnies Marana Michelin skate shoes is superior. The Thermothane rubber gives a lot of extra life to the shoe before you start ‘using’ the suede that is under it. As you can see in the pictures, after 1 month of skating you can just see a slight rip off in the kickflip area and nothing else. The shoes have still plenty of skate time in front of them. The Michelin outsole of the shoe is keeping up great as well without showing any kind of flat spot.

Cushioning:  When we talk about cushioning, Etnies Marana Michelin could define what cushion means. They have an outstanding cushioning due to the STI Evolution Foam Midsole which you will feel straight away without skating stairs and gaps to be needed.  They are so cushy that i cannot describe by just writing a review. They feel amazing in every single step you make.

Style: Style?? Is this a relevant question about the Etnies Marana Michelin skate shoes?These shoes has one of the most ‘skate shoes’ style modernized for the today’s skateboarding need. They have the classic cupsole skate shoe design but with some extra features which make it such a great stylish shoe.


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