Dc Infinite S Skate Shoe Review


Sizing: The Dc infinite S skate shoe fits true to size. I suggest you to choose your normal shoe size.The fit is snug without any heel slip-offs.

Boardfeel/Grip:  The Dc infinite s skate shoe is the newest model from Dc shoes and there has been a lot of hype about it already because of its construction. This skate shoes is a hybrid of vulcanized and cupsole. The main construction is vulcanized but it gives you the feeling of a cupsole (up to some point). The shoe is super flexible out of the box and this means plenty of boardfeel. The grip is great as the rubber toe cap is of a very sticky to your grip material but at the same time strong enough to provide extra life to the shoe. Skating this shoe for 2 weeks now, i didn’t have any problems with the bottom of the sole like flat spots. The sole’s tread pattern is grippy and durable.

Shape: The Dc infinite s skate shoe might bring you some memories of the the etnies marana vulc or some similarities to the DC Wes Kremer  shoes but this is mainly due to the rubber toe cap and to the low cut style that these models have. The shape of this shoe might seem a bit wider when you look at the shoes while wearing them but this has nothing to do with the fit(the fit is perfect). The low profile look with being a bit wide is due to this new construction and it didn’t affect at all my skating. A really good point is that due to this added rubber the shoe does not loosen up as you might have experienced with other shoes mostly with vulcanized ones but the rubber helps the shoe to keep the its shape.

Durability: The main reason of this new model from Dc Shoes was to bring a super durable shoe on the market which at the same time could be super flexible, grippy and comfortable and they managed to achieve it 100%. The shoe is super durable that except the discoloration in the kickflip area due to the different outer and inner materials, you will not notice a lot of damage signs in the shoe for a significant period of time. Also the shoe is backed up with super suede, which means that even if the rubber starts to rip off then you have a suede that will last for a long long time.

Cushioning: The Dc infinite s shoe is made for skating low impact stuff. The insole of the shoe is the typical ortholite foam insole that it is not there to provide you with impact protection but with comfort. The shoe lacks in cushioning so i wouldn’t suggest that you should try them skating  bigger stuff as your feet might hurt after. The only solution that i can see on making these shoes skateable for bigger stuff is changing the insoles with some Fp insoles which can absorb a lot of impact.(if you are interested on getting a pair of footprint insoles you can buy here >>> https://www.concrete-visionary.com/home?ref=2326 <<<.

Style:   For sure this skate shoe model from Dc Shoes doesn’t look familiar to previous dc models.But did the Dc Wes 2 look familiar? It didn’t as well. This is something i like with DC Shoes that they are trying to keep the heritage style with models like the Lynx , Legacy, Kalis but on the other hand they try to add more styles to fits everybody’s taste. The Dc infinite s  has style for miles i would say! Especially some colorways are really dope like for example the white/gum. Great shoe which can fit with every style!

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