Es Silo Skate Shoe Review

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Sizing: The Es Silo skate shoes fit true to size. I suggest that you buy it in your normal shoe size.

Boardfeel/Grip: Surprisingly and opposed to its bulkier look, the es silo skate shoe has a great boardfeel which is not gonna let you down at any point. The shoe is very flexible straight out of the box and this increases the boardfeel. The grip is another top point of this shoe.In general, this shoe from es footwear will make you feel safe and that you have great control on your board.

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Shape: The es silo skate shoe features a style coming from the early 00’s era , when skate shoes were bulky and more supportive. Although, this new model from es footwear has been slimmed down a bit. The toe is rounded, the mid of the shoe is higher that you average skate shoes and the arch support is great. Definitely an OG  skate shoe shape.

Durability: The pair i skated is the one featuring nubuck. The nubuck after the first 2 days started to have signs of wear in the kickflip area. As you can see in the pictures below, the shoe has a mesh upper which of course makes it super breathable and super comfortable but at the same time it is a downside for the life of the shoe. I skated it around 8-10 hours till now and you can easily say that the nubuck version of this shoe will not be the most durable one. Although i bet that the suede version will be far more durable. About the durability of the sole i can say that i don’t really see any sign of wear or any flat spots coming soon, so if i have to make any statement this would have been that the sole is made from a durable, flexible and grippy material.

Cushioning: The es silo skate shoe model is a very technical shoe. The midsole of the shoe is built with the STI Energy foam which provides cushioning and comfort to the shoe. Es footwear states that the insoles are the molded sti energy foam insoles but from what i experienced, these insoles are pretty standard thin insoles. It makes sense though because having the sti energy foam midsole among with some thicker insoles would have decreased the boardfeel of the shoe. To sum up, es footwear paid a lot of attention to create a comfortable and supportive skate shoe , with good cushion , and they managed to achieve it.

Style:  Nowadays we see a lot of reissues from brand like Es footwear and Dc and this is due to the request from skaters. I believe that older skaters will definitely give this shoe a try and i’m sure they will love it. I am not so convinced that the es silo skate shoe will be the choice of the younger generation skaters who are used to skate on shoes like the nike sb Janoskis and other slim vulcanized skate shoes, as this skate shoe is far away in terms of style of what they have been used to see/skate on the last years. Personally i recommend the shoe 100% to anyone as i loved it already and i will keep skating it after this review until it will be done.

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