Nike SB Dunk Low Skate Shoe Review


Sizing: The Nike SB dunk low skate shoes run true to size.

Boardfeel/Grip: I have skated more than 3 pairs of  Nike SB dunk low skate shoes till today(as far as i can remember) . Every single pair i have tried felt stiff and hard outside of the box with lack of boardfeel. There is definitely a break in period required for these shoes to break in and start to become a little bit more flexible. Although even after a certain amount of break in time, the shoes are still stiff and not so flexible as you might have expected.
In terms of grip, the outsole is pretty grippy. The Nike SB’s tread pattern works really well but due to the fact that the outsole is not flexible at the same time this is an area that the shoe loses some points.

Shape: The Nike SB dunk low skate shoe has a bit different shape than what you have probably tried. As already known, this iconic skate shoe have its roots from the original basketball Nike dunk low shoe and this means that the shoe doesn’t remind you a lot the shape of a skate shoe. The toe is definitely rounded and you will realize that the suede in the the very fron ‘kickflip’ area is coming up straight as the outsole is being stitched very low. We will talk next on how this affects the performance of the shoe.
The tongue is pretty thin but due to the elastic stripes is being kept in place and the collar is thinly padded.The shoe feels a little bit wide and bulky  in the eyes.

Durability: As mentioned above the Nike SB dunk low skate shoe having the suede too ‘exposed’ in the kickflip area and this results in getting easily ripped if you are trying a lot of flip tricks. In the ollie area there where not such big signs of ripping although the shoe stitching in that area as well will definitely decrease the shoe’s lifetime.The outsole is made from a very strong material and you will not see any holes on it or any flat spots easily.

Cushioning: The good point of this shoe is that it is equipped with the removable and molded sockliner with Zoom Air unit in the heel and added to that there is the EVA foam midsole which provides more support and protection. I would have enjoyed more these 2 features honestly if the shoe was more flexible. The lack of flexibility in this shoe makes it difficult to get 100% benefit from the cushioning features.

Style:  The Nike SB dunk low skate shoe has fans and supporters worldwide and this is due to the original nike dunk low model. The Nike dunk low model is one of the most iconic models ever made and having it in a skateboarding version it is more that great. The style of the Nike SB dunk low skate shoe is iconic, with a more ‘sports shoe’ look than a skate shoe look. For sure it is not by luck that is in the market for many many years with a lot of colorways.There should be a reason!

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