Dc Maswell Skate Shoe Review

dc maswell shoesSizing: The Dc Maswell skate shoe fits true to size. The shoe provides a nice, snug and secure fit. I suggest you to buy this shoe in your normal shoe size.

Boardfeel/Grip:  The Dc Maswell shoes might feel a bit stiff in the beginning, but their flexibility will be improved by the time you wear them. The shoe deserves this patience as it has a great boardfeel for the bulkier look that it has. The grip is great as well and despite the fact i was skating a used deck, i never felt my foot slip off. I few words, great boardfeel and grip!

Shape:  When it comes to shape, it is obvious that the shoe has a bulkier built than today’s average skate shoe line. Although, this is what i like about the shoe, that it still provides great support and the shape is extremely good for anything you want to skate. The materials on this shoe are pretty strong and durable and this helps it to keep its shape.The toe area is not as rounded as it might have seemed it the beginning and your flips will be on point. There is a lot of heel and ankle support as the shoe is higher in the back and keeps your shoe safe and locked inside the shoe.

Durability:  There is nothing to say about durability. The shoe is a monster. I am skating this shoe for 1.5 month and i can easily use it for the double of this time without any problem. Sure durable suede upper and the outsole is very grippy, flexible and it last forever.

Cushioning: What really surprised me with the Dc Maswell shoes is their cushioning. It feels like there is some kind of cushion in the sole as the insoles are pretty average. The shoe has a very nice cushy feeling whether you skate flat or jumping from stairs. A great and enjoyable feeling that we all want.

Style:   Style matters! If i have to be honest the reason of buying the Dc Maswell shoes wasn’t for posting a review, but to wear them outside because of their bulkier look. I really like the way these look and in real life they look even better than photos.A great overall skate shoe that i enjoyed 100% wearing and skating!

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