Supra The Saint Skate Shoe Review

supra saint

Sizing: The Supra Dave Vaugn’s pro model skate shoe The Saint fits true to size. I found this shoe’s fit as one of the best in the market as it features a very comfortable fit while at the same time your foot is locked in and secured. The heel keeps your foot stable and you will never face a foot slipping out of it.

Boardfeel/Grip: Supra Footwear did a great job with the Supra Saint skate shoes in terms of boardfeel and grip. This model is very flexible despite the fact of being a cupsole. You have a great boardfeel and great grip which lasts.

Shape: The shape of the Supra Saint skate shoes reminds me of the DC Mike Mo pro model and i have found lots of similarities between the two of them. The toe shape is almost identical which is a very good thing taking into consideration that the DC Mike Mo skate shoes was one of the most comfortable and best selling  shoes among with the DC Mikey Taylor’s some years ago. I am skating those shoes for about 2 weeks now and the shape is exactly the same as when i first bought them. Also the feeling when i wear them is exactly the same as in the first days.

Durability: The Supra Saint skate shoe is a model with great durability. The one piece toe cap didn’t show  too much wear after 2 weeks of skating and the same goes for the sole. The shoe is keeping up perfect without losing any of it’s benefits.

Cushioning: In all these years it is hard to find a skate shoe that combines boardfeel and cushioning. When one of the two attributes is great the other one is average. This is still happening today and it happens with the Supra Saint model too. Supra Footwear did a good job in cushioning with models such as the Avex or the Ellington but not with The Saint. As mentioned above the boardfeel and grip are perfect but the cushioning is pretty average. With a pretty standard Supra’s Footwear thin foam insole that you can find in most of their models, the Dane Vaugn’s model have nothing more to bring you than an average cushioning. Although i can say that this does not bother me at all as i don’t skate big stair and gaps and the shoe has an excellent overall feeling.I would recommend them for skating ledges, manual and medium stuff.

Style: I can say that i was never a fan of Supra skate shoes for various reasons. Although the Supra Saint model made me one of their fan so i had to write this review. The shoe looks amazing while wearing and i can’t ask for more from a skate shoe.It has style, boardfeel, grip and it is durable. They are for sure one of my top 5 shoes ever.

supra the saint skate shoes review

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