DC Kalis S Skate Shoe Review


Sizing: The new DC Kalis S skate shoe fits true to size. The shoe hugs your foot like a sock.

Boardfeel/Grip: Lately, DC has surprised me a lot with the shoes that is producing and although they want to bring back the early 2000’s skate shoe style they are doing great job with most of the models in terms of boardfeel. The newest Josh Kalis pro model, the Dc Kalis S, reminds me of the boardfeel i had wearing the DC legacy slim 98 shoes.Although i can say that this model is by far more flexible out of the box than the legacy slim, which needs like an hour to break in. To cut things short the Kalis s shoes offer great boardfeel contrary to the bulkier look they have and it will not disappoint you in any case.The sole pattern is the Dc’s classic pill pattern which is trustful and something that really works. You will have perfect grip and control wearing those shoes.

Shape: With the DC Kalis S shoes you have a bulkier look and shape. The back-mid of the shoe is the bulky point while the mid front is slimmed down so that you can have all this boardfeel that you need. What really caught my attention is that the shape in the forefoot area is too wide, which has nothing to do with the sizing of the shoe.It is just something that you will notice if you try out this shoe.The toe has definitely a round shape with which i didn’t face any problems with my flips.

Durability: There was no need to skate this shoe more than 5 sessions to write down this review or to have a different opinion of how durable it is. The shoe is a beast 100% but i can say that it will wear out faster in the kickflip area as it has smaller amount of sole covering the suede than the legacy slim for example.

Cushioning: The DC Kalis S shoes features a Unilite midsole to add extra support, cushion and comfort. Although the Unilite will help while jumping down stair sets or will provide you with more comfort while you skate flat, manuals,ledges etc… having tried the Adidas Boost cushion i can say that the Unilite is not even close and if i have to be honest i would like DC to have done a better job in this section for a shoe that costs 120 €/$.

Style: DC skate shoes and style are two meanings that every skater combines in his mind..or almost every skater. I believe this DC Kalis S skate shoe has a unique style as DC tried to make a slimmer version of the Kalis OG shoes and they made a stylish job. For sure many skaters will never chose this skate shoe because of its bulky look mostly due to that fat and wide tongue and due to the booty contruction of the shoe which makes the tongue always being set in the same place. The tongue of the shoe was the only thing style wise that i didn’t like, as for me i found it too wide. On the other hand DC wanted to bring up memories from an era that skate shoes were bulky with not so much boardfeel and for sure they did a really good job with this model in order to reach the today’s skate shoe standards.

Check the unboxing of the DC Kalis S skate shoes at skateshoeguru youtube channel so as to have an idea how do they really look like! Just click on the image below and you will redirect to the video! Enjoy!⤵
dc kalis youtube

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