Adidas Samba Adv Skate Shoe Review


adidas samba adv skate shoe review

Sizing: The Adidas Samba Adv skate shoes worked for me in size us 8.5 when i am usually wearing size us 9. I got them in fact in size us9 at first and they were not so big but there was a bit of extra room in the toe area which is something that i dislike , so i ordered a new pair in size us 8.5 and they were snug but ok. A great point is the heel lock , which prevents your feet from slipping off the shoe , something that i find really important on a skate shoe.

Boardfeel/Grip: If there is one thing that is pretty good about the Adidas Samba Adv  skate shoes then this is definitely the boardfeel and the grip. Although, after a few sessions i realized that the grip was decreased and i felt the shoe to be a bit slippery  with my board. I have to mention that the deck that i was skating with was not a new one so maybe this could have played a role. But i would definitely recommend them if you care about boardfeel and grip. I also have to point out that in the beginning the shoe may feel a bit stiff and not very flexible but after 1-2 sessions it breaks in.

Shape: Another plus of the Adidas Samba Adv skate shoes is the shape. The shape of the toe area is  either pointy , neither round one. They feature a toe which is in between and makes it a perfect shape in my opinion. The shoe keeps lets say 80% of the ‘brand new’ shape because as you can see there is this triple stitching on the toe and especially on the ollie area which easily brakes after some sessions and leads to a bit loose and wider feeling. But to cut things short, the shape is still there and you can feel confident about it. Not to forget to mention the heel stabilizer that gives you a lot of stability while skating them.

Durability: The Adidas Samba Adv skate shoes face a bit of problem with the durability! Adidas skateboarding made a good jod on bringing back a classic model and make it skateable but i think that wanting to keep the whole toe area style  the same, it ruined this shoe. To avoid the triple stiching from ripping too fast you have to put an instant glue through the stitching and the shoes will last forever then.

Cushioning: The Adidas Samba Adv although they should be having some cushioning in the midsole of the shoe, it makes it difficult to feel it while skating. They feature a flexible  front area but the sole of the shoe gives you a feeling of a stiff and hard sole and not of a soft and cushioned one. So i wouldn’t recommend these shoes if you want to skate big gaps and stairs unless you feel like changing the pretty standard thin foam insole with one that absorbs better the impact, like for example FP insoles.

Style: Style does matter! And Adidas Samba Adv has it! Seeing this shoe from online photos in websites your first thought might have been (as it happened with me) that they look as an ugly pair of skate shoes or (if not ugly). This will totally change if you will buy them and try them on your feet. You will realize that the photos were wrong and that it is a very stylish skate shoe.


adidas samba adv skate shoe review

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