Lakai Bristol Skate Shoe Review


Sizing: The Lakai Bristol shoes fit true to size. I got them in my usual size and they were perfect. Also, in the heel area your foot stays locked in and you will not face any kind of slip-offs.

Boardfeel/Grip: The  boardfeel and the grip of the Lakai Bristol shoes are both amazing. The shoe itself has a low profile vulcanized construction style which automatically means great boardfeel and grip. The outsole is the new Para-mount sole introduced by Lakai in the Bristol model. This sole features a hex tread design for maximum flexibility and a built-in cushioning contruction. In fact, you will be amazed by the flexibility of this shoe since the day one. The grip is perfect and you couldn’t have asked for more. 

Shape: The Lakai Bristol has a pointy toe area which is great for flicks. I skated my pair for a little more than 2 weeks before writing this review and the shoes still keep their shape. Of course as it happens with most of the vulcanized skate shoes, after a while you will feel the shoes extra flexible and too soft that might feel like they have started losing their original shape. 

Durability: The durability of the Lakai Bristol is pretty above average for a vulcanized  skate shoe. I haven’t experienced any kind of rip-offs in the ollie and kickflip area after 2 weeks of skating them. The sole is keeping up great and there is no flat spot. The hex tread pattern is still there and looks very compromising. 

Cushioning: The cushioning of the Lakai Bristol is based on the Para-mount outsole and the built in cushioning system that it has. I can say that the shoes felt great and with a medium cushioning in your heel area. They give you a nice and comfortable feeling while skating or just walking on them. I wouldn’t suggest them though if you are the type of skater who likes to skate big gaps and stairs as in my opinion you will not get away with at least a heel bruise unless you will do everything in 1-2 tries. 

Style: The only thing i can say for sure about the Lakai Bristol skate shoes just by looking at them is that they are a stylish pair of skate shoes. Since the time i got this pair i wanted to make a review for them because of the overall feeling they offer. The tongue of the shoe has the perfect length and it is padded, which makes it even more comfy. They might be looking similar to other lakai models but believe me they are not. I used to skate the Lakai manchester and other Lakai shoes but these are by far the best Lakai skate shoes till now. They have everything a skater would have asked for and they will satisfy you 100% . They look amazing! 

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