Etnies Joslin Skate Shoe Review

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etnies-chris-joslin-pro-skateboard-shoe-grey-white-gum-1.1535105140Sizing: The Etnies Joslin skate shoe fits true to size. It is pretty snug and it hugs your heel pretty good while also offering a very safe feeling. The shoe will never slip off from your heel as there is a lot of internal padding which holds your heel locked and secured.

Boardfeel/Grip:  The Etnies Joslin skate shoe features a cupsole shoe contruction design. The shoe similar to the Etnies Marana features a Michelin outsole. The Michelin outsole offers great grip with long lasting performance. As we all know Chris Joslin prefers to skate huge gaps but also in his latest promo video for his shoe release, we saw that he is one of the best overall skaters, as he can skate on a curb in the same high level as he does when he skates gaps and stairs. The shoe in the beginning might feel a bit stiff and it might make you think that there is not too much boardfeel but this is going to change after the first 2-3 sessions. 

Etnies Free Shipping on Orders Over $99, Shop Now!

Shape: The Joslin pro model has a pretty standard skate shoe shape in general and for some it might look a bit more bulky in the pictures, but believe me it is not. The toe area is more pointy than rounded. The flick is remarkable and the shape of the shoe will stay there forever. 

Durability: Previously i have said that the Etnies Marana Michelin are the most durable skate shoes. This changed at the time i skated the Etnies Joslin skate shoes. They are the definition of durability for a skate shoe. The pictures of the shoe featured on this post have been skated for more than 20 hours and as you can see it is like nothing happened to the shoe. They still look like new! 

Cushioning:  The cushioning of the Etnies Joslin skate shoes is a bit more than average for a cupsole. In person i didn’t experienced some tech or something specific that could absorb a lot of impact. In maranas for example i have experienced more focus on the impact protection and to be honest i believed that the Joslin pro model could have been better on that specific target. The insole is the typical Sti foam which can still absorb some impact and make the shoe comfortable.

Style: If you have seen Joslin skating in his pro shoe then you would have noticed that the Etnies Joslin skate shoes are stylish 100%! Their style brings memories from an older simpler and more standard skate shoe style which has been modernized. Personally i like a lot the way it looks and i expect to see the next colorways of this shoe!

Etnies Free Shipping on Orders Over $99, Shop Now!
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Etnies Free Shipping on Orders Over $99, Shop Now!

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