Lakai Fremont XLK Skate Shoe Review

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Sizing: The Lakai Fremont XLK skate shoes fit true to size. I bought them in my normal size(us 9) and they fit perfect. Your heel may slightly move while walking but it is such a slight movement that your heel is like locked in in the shoe.

Boardfeel/Grip: The grip of the Lakai Fremont XLK skate shoes is pretty fine and you will not have problems with it. The boardfeel though is something that i didn’t like so much because when i skated i couldn’t feel my board so much. I think the reason for that  is that the outsole of the shoe which is the XLK pattern, was too thick and stiff. I thought that by the time this could could have changed and that the shoes would have been much softer flexible, but i was wrong. The shoes are still feeling stiff with lack of boardfeel.

Shape: The Lakai Fremont XLK  skate shoes have a very nice toe shape for flicking your board. Although the lack of boardfeel may not let you benefit 100% from it. The shoes keep their shape as the grippy outsole is so thick and stiff that stays like that forever.

Durability: I have no words about the durability of the Lakai Fremont XLK skate shoes. They last forever and you have to skate it really hard to start making holes on this shoe. Suede and outsole keep up great.

Cushioning: The cushioning of the Lakai Fremont skate shoes is almost above average. As mentioned above, they feature the Lakai XLK Sole pattern which brings you a short of cushioning in the shoe. I cannot say that i didn’t feel the cushioning even while walking in my heel area but still what ruined these shoes and their  very good features is the stiffness/hardness of this outsole that is not flexible at all.

Style: What Lakai Fremont XLK skate shoe has, this is definitely STYLE! After 2 weeks of skating them i stopped using them anymore because of the lack of boardfeel. Although i bought another pair because these shoes look amazing! I always liked Lakai Footwear  for their comfort and style. Style is 100% guaranted!

lakai fremont xlk skate shoe review

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