Lakai Carroll Skate Shoe Review

Lakai proto shoes

Sizing: The Lakai Carroll skate shoe fits true to size. The fit is perfect without any heel slip or any very snug fit  that could cause pain to your feet.

Boardfeel/Grip:  The Lakai Carroll shoes feature a cupsole construction.As you can see i bought some early samples of the shoe that are made on a different lakai’s outsole than the original retail one. Although, the original sole is a sole that was used in previous models as well such as the Lakai Howard as seen in the image below.

howard-original-56930 (1)
The Lakai Howard model from some years ago.
lakai carroll
The Lakai Carroll’s outsole featuring the same pattern on the outsole with the older Lakai Howard model.

The shoe in any case has an amazing grip and the flexibility which leads to a great boardfeel. You will not face any issue with having your shoes slipping off the grip and you will always have control of your foot placement.


Shape:  The shape of the shape of Mike Carroll’s pro model with Lakai reminds me of the 2000’s era skate shoe shape but upgraded and slimmed down to meet today’s standards. As they said in Lakai they didn’t want to remake the Carroll 1 but they wanted something that could remind of that era and that model but at the same time would be a different model. So the toe shape is a bit way and finished to a pointy end. In the heel area there is plenty of ankle support.The tongue is medium puffed.The shoes loosens up a bit by time, but that doesn’t affect its shape and the sizing.

Durability:  The thing that surprised me most about the Lakai Carroll shoe was how durable it is. Although you might be able to see some wear on the stitching in the ollie area, this is definitely not going to affect at all the durability of the shoe. There are more layers under the first suede layer that will give so much more life to that shoe. In the toe area, there is no stitching and the suede is holding up pretty well. The outsole as you can see in the images below holds up great too with no flatspots.

Cushioning: The Lakai Carroll shoe is not obviously a super tech shoe and that goes in line with its cushioning as well. There is no something super to mention on that sextion except the classic Deluxe Lite insoles that Lakai uses in all the last models and there is also a heel gel tab for adding heel support.Although, from my experience skating the shoe, the impact support is very basic and the shoe is fun when skating flat, manuals and curbs.

Style:   The Lakai Carroll is added to my Lakai’s all time favorites among with the Proto model. It is stylish, bringing back memories from the past and it is fun and comfortable while skating it.A great model in my opinion!

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