Es Accel Plus Ever Stitch Skate Shoe Review

es accel plus ever stitch shoes

Sizing: The es accel plus ever stitch skate shoe fits true to size. I suggest you to buy it in your normal shoe size. The shoes features a velcro strap for an even more snug fit that you might not even need as the sizing is pretty much on point.

Boardfeel/Grip:  Es skateboarding brought to the game a suede and leather free skate shoe which in terms of both grip and boardfeel has nothing to be jealous about any other model. The es accel plus ever stitch skate shoe, is a cupsole construction skate shoe and as its name resembles is is fully made with this ever stitch material. The shoe is flexible with pretty good boardfeel and the grip is very very good! You can skate this pair straight out of the box and you can feel your board 100% since the first day of skating them.

Shape:  The es accel plus ever stitch shoes have the same outsole as the es swift 1.5 shoes, so the shape is pretty similar for that reason. The shoe has a nice flick and the toe is somewhere in between of being round and being pointy,  which at the end is going to satisfy both preferences.

Durability: This shoe is does not have any piece of suede or leather on it and despite this fact the shoe is super durable. Someone could think have thought that this shoe is going to rip easily due to the lack of suede or leather upper but it is not the case with the es accel plus ever stitch. The stitched upper holds up really well and among with the thermothane toe cap place this shoe for sure above many other shoes that you have probably skated until now in terms of durability. The outsole is pretty good as well and you are not going to see any flatspots there early.

Cushioning:  Talking about cushioning, this shoe is in the average level. Despite the fact that es skateboarding mentions that the insoles of that shoe are the energy foam ones, i can say they seem pretty standard and feel also like that. So as there is no other tech specs avout cushioning on this skate shoe, everything should have been focused on the insole, which is a pretty simple one.So if you like to skate flat, manuals and curbs then this shoe is for you….but if you like jumping down stuff i wouldn’t recommend you these shoes unless you could fit inside a pair of Fp insoles that can absorb up to 95% of shock energy impact. You can use my discount code >> skateshoeguru10 << for a 10% OFF while buying your fp insoles from the Fp Insole’s website .

Style:   The es accel plus ever stitch shoe is for sure a stylish shoe. I can admit that in the beginning i didn’t want to try this shoe as i was not a fan of the velcro strap. After buying these shoes and started to wear them and to skate them, these became the shoes i love to wear not only when skating but also to go out. They are super good looking and i enjoy wearing them anytime.They are super comfy walking around as well.

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