Emerica Figgy Dose Skate Shoe Review


Sizing: The Emerica Figgy Dose skate shoe fits true to size. The shoe features a nice and snug fit.Choose your normal shoe size.

Boardfeel/Grip:  The Emerica Figgy Dose skate shoe is Justin Figueroa’s 2nd pro model and a similar design but updated version of his first one. The shoe is pretty stiff since day and not too flexible. This is due to the hard outsole which by the time will become a bit more flexible but don’t expect too much. So boardfeel is not really on point and this seems to be the main problem for all the emerica cupsole shoes featuring this G6 midsole. Although, the outsole is grippy and it balances the overall feeling that the  inflexibility of this shoe causes.

Shape:  The figgy dose skate shoe has a slim shape as it happens with most of the emerica shoe line. The one piece toe cap is pointy and it helps getting your flip tricks easier. The tongue is slim  and short and the elastic straps are wider so as to provide a more secure feeling for your feet.

Durability:  I skated this shoe for about only 1 week which is 50% less time than what i usually skate the shoes before posting a review. This happened because i feel that even i would have skated this shoe for a week more, my impressions would have been the same. This shoe is also so durable that 1 week wouldn’t have changed a lot in its appearance. The outsole is made from a pretty resistant material which is very difficult to rip while the suede is holding up very well. This skate shoe will be really hard to wear down.

Cushioning: The emerica figgy dose skate shoe is supported by the G6 compound which is Emerica’s best card againt impact. After having tried  the Emerica Reynolds G6 skate shoe which features the G6 midsole as well, i can say that the in the figgy dose i couldn’t feel the cushion so much. In the Reynolds G6 shoes, you could feel the cushion in every step- especially in the heel area but this unfortunately didn’t happen with the Figgy dose skate shoe. The insoles of this shoe are glued but you can still replace them if you feel like with some better ones as they are pretty standard foam ones. To sum up, the stiff outsole ruined the cushion on this shoe.

Style:   Stylewise i have to admit that the emerica figgy dose skate shoe is a great looking shoe. It has a simple and clean style which can match with everybody’s style. It is a slim shoe but not as slim as it might look especially when you wear them.It has the perfect balance on its look and this is what i liked most about this shoe.

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  1. Nah man, this shoe was so on point. The shoe protects your foot so well, it makes me never want to skate vulcs so much compared to what this shoe has to offer. It’s timeless and has 3 layers of durable Shit. The pricepoint is so hard to beat for what it offers and the grip is hella grippy, best grip ever! You can jump down anything in these and they are fantastic! You don’t need laces and it’s honestly my favorite skate shoe of all time, some may beg to differ but it gives you everything you need in a skate shoe, simplistic, durable, and looks like a dress shoe 😂

    • It is not a bad shoe but it lacks on flexibility similar to the spanky g6. It has a good fit, a nice flick and it is for sure durable but boardfeel is nowhere.The sole is stiff and it needs so much time to break them in. Style wise the shoe has a simplistic look, not too fancy. Now as you mentioned the price, this shoe has a retail price of 80 euros and honestly i would prefer to spend this amount or even a bit more to buy a more advanced cupsole which could combine boardfeel with cushioning/comfort.

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