Es Accel Slim Skate Shoe Review

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Es accel slim 2 review

Sizing: The Es accel slim skate shoes fit true to size. I got them in size us 9 that is my usual size. The shoe in the beginning may feel a little bit snug in the toe area but after a day of wearing them you will realize that they will start to stretch and your toes will feel better. More specific, after one day of skating you will feel them more stretched for sure.

Boardfeel/Grip: The boardfeel and grip of the Es accel slim skate shoes are both pretty good. The shoes are flexible so you have more control with your board. You can skate it right out of the box.

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Shape: I can say that the Es accel slim skate shoes keep their shape, but as the skate period is getting longer and longer they are stretching and they are becoming wider and as a result they tend to lose a bit their actual shape. The toe area has a really nice shape for flicking the board and in general this slimmer version of the Es accel OG’s is a very nice shaped skate shoe.

Durability: Es footwear used triple stitching for the accel slim skate shoes but as it is not an one piece toe cup this means that after a certain amount of flip tricks you will start to see some wear which after a while will lead to suede holes. This will not happen easily if you will buy them in the leather edition and not in suede, although suede is the best material in my opinion. In any case you can skate the es accel slims for sure for at least a month.

Cushioning: The cushioning of the the es accel slim skate shoe is difficult to be identified. You almost have no cushioning at all and this shoe is mostly made for tech skating. The insole is a standard sti insole foam level 1 witch just provides you comfort  just while walking on this shoe. I would recommend this shoe if you are the type of skater who loves to skate big stuff unless you change the insoles.

Style: The Es accel slim skate shoe is a stylish and simple shoe that you can wear whenever you want. Its’ simple style brings you back the memories of the es accel Og’s and reminds you a shoe of another era which has been modified to the today’s standards of skateboarding. I really like the way it looks.

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