New balance Numeric Stratford 533 v2 Skate Shoe Review


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Sizing: I usually  wear us 9 sizes in shoes but the New Balance Numeric Stratford 533 v2 skate shoes runs half size small so I needed to go half size up and buy the us 9.5. The PJ Ladd’s  2nd pro model with New Balance Numeric is also iconic with his first one and this comes also with the size.  The half size up feels good in the toe area while the heel  stays locked in and the foot doesn’t slip out of the shoe.

Boardfeel/Grip: The boardfeel of the New Balance numeric Stratford 533 v2 skate shoes is good with a pretty grippy sole. The outsole of the shoe is hard which makes it not as flexible as a vulcanized shoe when at the same time the grip is a lot above average for such a hard sole. 7.5/10

Shape: The New Balance  Stratford 533 v2  as mentioned above is a stiff  skate shoe in the beginning and it takes a while for it to break in and become softer. This means that the shoe keeps its shape for far longer than the average skate shoes.10/10

Durability: The New Balance Stratford 533 v2 skate shoe is the the champion of durability. The suede is extremelly strong and the sole in the bottom of the shoe will not rip easily. It is a pretty 10/10 in terms of durability.

Cushioning: The cushion of the New Balance Stratford 533 v2 uses a rev lite foam between your insole and the outsole but to be honest I didn’t feel at any time that I was wearing a shoe offering me good cushioning. It is not that the the rev lite cushion is bad, but i believe the shoe is made to be so durable and stiff that it is hard to feel any kind of offered cushion. The insole of this shoe is just a standard New Balance Numeric foam insole. To summarize, the shoe feels as a stiff  flat shoe that cushioning doesn’t really play a big part. 7/10.

Style: New Balance Numeric and PJ Ladd did a great job on how the PJ Stratford 533 v2 skate shoe model looks like. I can assure you it looks pretty nice on feet. Also it gives a nice feeling seeing them on your feet which plays in my opinion a big role when choosing your pair. A great looking shoe.10/10

new balance numeric 533 skate shoe review

Check out the video and see how do they look like in real time—>New balance numeric PJ stratford 533 v2 review video


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  1. Sandeep singh says:

    Can i get these NB shoes in My country Nepal if u guys are providing in my country…or any shops through skateshoeguru..

  2. skateshoeguru says:

    i suggest you should contact Titus or Skatedeluxe and ask them if they ship to your country.Thanks!

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