Lakai Atlantic Skate Shoe Review (1)

Sizing: The Lakai Atlantic skate shoe fits true to size. I suggest you to buy them in your normal shoe size. Your heel is secured inside the shoe without slip offs.

Boardfeel/Grip:  The Lakai Atlantic skate shoe is the 3rd pro model for Vincent Alvarez with Lakai Footwear. The 2 previous models he had with the brand were both vulcanized construction, instead the atlantic model is a cupsole. The shoe features the lakai’s XLK outsole which gives a lot of flexibility and comfort to the shoe. This flexibility among with the new Deluxe-Lite insole provides plenty of boardfeel and on top of that the new hex tread makes this shoe super grippy and allows you to control your board. If you are the type of person who likes to skate only vulcanized shoes and you were always in doubt of  making a change to cupsoles, the Lakai Atlantic is the right shoe to do it.

Shape:  The shape of the Lakai Atlantic is adorable. Clean look, not too bulky but at the same time not too thin, with a pretty pointy toe cap which makes your life so much easier with those flips. I loved this pointy toe in every moment of skating this shoe and i have never had any problems with it. The tongue of the shoe is thinly to medium padded and it stays always centered due to the elastic straps that it is connected to.

Durability: All the images that you can see below are after skating this shoe for 9-10 sessions. I thought it is the time to post this review as i got the idea on the durability of the shoe and i shouldn’t wait more. So to cut things short, this is not your average lakai shoe in terms of durability but by far one level up. You don’t have to think about stitching ripping as the side stitching of this shoe is almost in the middle of the shoe and it doesn’t really affect your ollies. I have done plenty of kickflips during these 9-10 sessions and as you can clearly see the sole and the suede on the toe holds up great.  No flatspots to the sole of the shoe and creating some is gonna take at least 10-15 more sessions, but judging from the material of the hex tread even if you have a flatspot the shoe should be still grippy. A pretty durable shoe taking into consideration always that it is a pretty flexible one, which means softer materials than the average cupsole skate shoes, thing that i am super hyped about.

Cushioning: As previously said, the Lakai Atlantic skate shoe is  equipped with the Deluxe-Lite insole which is the newest insole that Lakai uses and it provides extra cushion to the shoe. Also the XLK outsole has been designed in a way to absorb maximum impact as Lakai mentions in its website. In the real life now, this shoe is definitely a very comfortable skate shoe which is supportive if you skate low impact stuff. Now, if you are the type of person who likes jumping down huge set of stairs i would suggest that you equip these shoes with a better insole that can absorb more impact like for example the FP insoles.

Style:   Being a huge fan of Lakai Footwear, i couldn’t wait to skate the Lakai Atlantic shoe as first of all it is Lakai , second it is Vincent Alvarez’s pro model and third it is a cupsole. Definitely a great combination! Also, it has the flexibility of vulcs and the support and comfort of cupsoles, so since day one it became one of my top choices immediately. It looks so stylish too!Great job Lakai!

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