Es Contract Skate Shoe Review

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Sizing: The new Es Contract skate shoe fits true to size. The shoes have an excellent fit and the most important they keep your feet secure inside the shoe.

Boardfeel/Grip: The boardfeel is a plus for these shoes and in my opinion this model is by far the best Es footwear model for boardfeel. Usually it is well know that cupsoles focus more on cushion and longer lasting and less in grip and boardfeel. Although this is something that used to happen in the previous years as nowadays there are plenty of cupsole construction shoes which can easily be compared in terms of boardfeel and grip to the vulcanized ones. One of these models is for sure the new Es Contract shoe. The shoe offers an excellent boardfeel which will never going to disappoint you and they are very very grippy (these 2 sections most of the times are connected). I was pretty glad when i saw Es footwear bringing back this model in of course a whole different design that the older version, and in my opinion in a far better version :).

eS Skateboarding Free Shipping Banners

Shape: As you can see in the photos below the shape of the shoe  features a pretty nice shape starting with being round and ending in a more pointy toe which is great for flips. The shoes cannot be called bulky but also on the other hand they are not slim as well. I would say they are placed in a mid range.

Durability: When it comes to durability,  having skated models such as the Etnies Marana Michelin or the Etnies Joslin shoes or the Dc Legacy Slim 98 we raised the standards. It is true that the Es Contract skate shoes cannot reach this level in terms of durability but this doesn’t mean that they are not durable. They have a double stitch layer in the ollie and toe cap area which from my experience can hold up better than an average skate shoe. The sole of the shoe features a tread pattern that holds really good without causing you problems with having slippery flat spots on it easily but for this to happen you gonna need a lot of skating.

Cushioning: Here is what made me so willing and so glad at the same time to get this shoe and skate it. The Es Energy Foam midsole is something that you will notice since the very first minute walking in these shoes. The feeling is pretty nice and and it makes the Es Contract skate shoes one of the  most comfortable skate shoes. When skating them the Energy Foam really helps you to avoid heel bruises and also to skate longer as your feet will feel less tired. The insoles are also constructed from energy foam and are removable as well in case you need to change them which i wouldn’t.

Style: The aesthetic of the new Es Contract skate shoes puts this model among with the most stylish of Es Footwear models till now in my opinion. Adding the Energy Foam midsole to this model, it gave it plenty of style  and there are plenty of different colors for the Es designers to play with in the future. This shoe is something that you can’t go wrong! For last, just to mention that in the late 2018  there were released 3 colorways of Kelly Hart, Tom Asta and Wade Desarmo and now in 2019 there were just released 2 more colorways one of them being Ronnie Creager’s colorway.
eS Skateboarding Free Shipping Banners
eS Skateboarding Free Shipping Banners


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