FP Mark I Skate Shoe Review


FP Mark I shoes

Sizing: The FP Mark Iskate shoe fits true to size. I suggest you to get it in your normal shoe size. No heel slip offs.If you are a fan of Fp Footwear i would say that the sentinel model fitted a bit more snug than the Mark I which still offers a secure fit and nice fit.

Boardfeel/Grip:  The FP Mark I skate shoe is the 2nd model after the Sentinel from FP footwear featuring the DGS outsole. In this review i will not say a lot of different things as both shoes have a lot of similarities especially when it comes to boardfeel and grip. The shoe is flexible straight out of the box which help 100% in feeling your board. The grip is basic and the DGS outsole is not responding good in terms of grip.

Shape:  The FP Mark I shoe has a very classic shape for a skate shoe with a very nice rounded toe. If i had to compare them with the Sentinel model i would easy say that the sentinel has a more pointy toe than the Mark I. The Mark I might have this more bulky look which in case it bothers you i can assure you forget about it as soon as you wear the shoe.

Durability: FP footwear is trying to design skate shoes having skaters on mind and durability is one of the skaters’ most wanted aspect on a skate shoe.The Mark I has a durable upper part, as this thermothane toe piece helps to extend the lifetime of this shoe. The problem here is once again the outsole that it is not designed from the most durable materials and it will flatten very fast affecting the overall performance of the shoe.

Cushioning: As you might already know FP Footwear is the brand coming from FP insoles so this can only be a great thing if we have to talk about cushion. The Mark I is backed up with a thinner than usual Kingfoam FP insole which i find it as a downside and that’s because despite the rumors of DGS absorbing 91% of impact, the feel that i got was nothing close to that.I was getting the feeling of a very ‘hard’ sole and not the impact i was getting fro example from the Etnie Joslin 2, this soft and absorbing feeling.So impact was a bit of disappointment for me.

Style:   Being a fan of new technology in skate shoes it was not difficult for me to want to try the FP footwear. The Mark I is my best yet from the FP Footwear’s line , as i like this classic skate shoe look that it has. It has a nice look in my eyes although the skate performance is basic.


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