FP Mark I Skate Shoe Review


FP Mark I shoes

Sizing: The FP Mark I skate shoe fits true to size. I suggest you to get it in your normal shoe size. No heel slip offs.If you are a fan of Fp Footwear i would say that the sentinel model fitted a bit more snug than the Mark I which still offers a secure fit and nice fit.

Boardfeel/Grip:  The FP Mark I skate shoe is the 2nd model after the Sentinel from FP footwear featuring the DGS outsole. In this review i will not say a lot of different things as both shoes have a lot of similarities. Especially when it comes to boardfeel and grip, only good things i can say about the Mark I. The shoe is super flexible straight out of the box which help 100% in feeling your board. The grip is pretty good and despite some other youtube reviews that i recently watched about this shoe, i have a different opinion as i didn’t even skated them on a new grip which means that the shoe’s grip is pretty good.Never faced any issue with my shoe slipping off the board or something similar to that.

Shape:  The FP Mark I shoe has a very classic shape for a skate shoe with a very nice rounded toe. If i had to compare them with the Sentinel model i would easy say that the sentinel has a more pointy toe than the Mark I. The Mark I might have this more bulky look which in case it bothers you i can assure you forget about it as soon as you wear the shoe.

Durability: FP footwear is trying to design skate shoes having skaters on mind and durability is one of the skaters’ most wanted aspect on a skate shoe.The Mark I is no exception and it is an extremely durable skate shoe.I skated this pair for more than 8 sessions and as you can see in the images below, you can barely see wear on this shoe. The thermoplastic rubber toe cap will increase the life of the shoe without sacrificing the grip on your flips and ollies. The DGS outsole is holding up pretty well and it will take at least a month of everyday skating until you might see a flat spot.

Cushioning: As you might already know FP Footwear is the brand coming from FP insoles so this can only be a great thing if we have to talk about cushion. The Mark I is backed up with a thinner than usual Kingfoam FP insole and that is for the simple reason that the DGS outsole’s contains the fluid material which is the reason why this outsole absorbs up to 90% of shock energy impact.So it makes a lot of sense for me placing a thin insole so as not to lose the boardfeel. Needless to say that the shoe absorbs impact and you might not feel it straight away while skating but for sure you will after the skate session when your legs will feel less tired than usual.

Style:   Being a fan of new technology in skate shoes it was not difficult for me to like FP footwear. The Mark I is my best yet from the FP Footwear’s line , as i like this classic skate shoe look that it has. I like the way it skates a lot and there are colorways that are really smart and look great. It is one of my favorite shoes until today and i would definitely recommend you to try it at least once in your skate life.

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