FP Sentinel Skate Shoe Review



Sizing: The Fp sentinel skate shoe fits true to size. I suggest that you buy them in your normal shoe size.

Boardfeel/Grip:  Fp footwear has done a great job with the Fp sentinel shoe model when it comes to boardfeel. The shoes are super flexible since your first steps and when a shoe has such a feature since day one, it means lots of boardfeel. It couldn’t be different as Fp footwear uses the DGS OUTSOLE SYSTEM which is a sole that has been hollowed out and filled with soft FluidX Protection material in the place of traditional rubbers and foams, so the shoe has superior board feel and flexibility. To cut things short, you can feel your board and you can shift your foot placement to the exact position you might want by feeling every inch of move. As said in previous reviews, it is really hard to find a shoe with high flexibility levels without having a good grip. These 2 things most of the times go together and that’s what is happening with the fp sentinel skate shoe as well. The shoe offers superior grip and it will definitely not going to let you down.

Shape: The shape of the Fp sentinel skate shoe will remind you a bit the shape of the Etnies Marana Michelin skate shoes. The shoe is not bulky and at the same time it doesn’t have the look of a slim shoe as well but it definitely skates like it. The toe is perfect for flip tricks. The back part of the shoe is slightly higher than the front part but you cannot really feel it.

Durability: Fp’s main idea is always to create supportive skate shoes in order to avoid  skate injuries. In the sentinel model they managed to create a skate shoe that offers both support and durability . As you can see they have added the custom formulated abrasion resistant rubber compound in order to increase the durability in the ollie and kickflip area. It really helps to extend the life of the shoe although this material is not as durable as the material used in the maranas for example but Fp added also a hidden rubber toe cap for extreme durability . The DGS Outsole is pretty durable and will keep to absorb impact at the same levels until  this shoe will start to rip. There is also the hidden lace system so that your laces are not exposed to the grip of your board.

Cushioning: The Fp Sentinel skate shoe is the definition of the supportive skate shoe. As previously said, the shoe’s outsole called DGS absorbs up to 91% of shock energy from the first to last day of use. Added to that, the shoe is backed up with the Fp’s kingfoam insole and inside of every shoe box you can find a second pair of Fp insoles. The DGS Outsole has been constructed to offer the most impact absorption , stability and comfort that no other skate shoe has offered before. Skating this shoe you will experience a pretty comfy feeling for your feet without getting your joints and legs easily tired.

Style:   The Fp sentinel skate shoe is for sure pretty stylish, and although it might remind a bit of the etnies marana skate shoes it still has a unique aesthetic look. It is a pretty nice skate shoe with a clean look which directly gives you the feeling to wear it and skate it. It comes out in 3 different colorways that you can check at https://www.concrete-visionary.com/home?ref=2326
Do your legs a favor and give them a try!

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