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Who is the Skateshoeguru?

Hello everyone! You might be wondering who I am and why I started this site. Since the summer of 1999, skateboarding has been my passion. After so many years, I began to realize how much of an impact  skate shoes have on your performance in skateboarding. This led me to a new additional passion, skate shoes! I was always the one doing the skate shoe reviews for my friends. Depending on the material used, whether shoes fit true to size, features, and even the colorway, skate shoes can make or break your session. Skateshoeguru exists through the skate shoe reviews to help you determine which skate shoes suit you best.
If you want to know a bit more about me you can check the interview at Dirk Vogel from Illuminated Paper magazine. Click the link to be redirected to the interview:  https://illpaper.com/skate-shoe-skateshoeguru/

How Skateshoeguru can help you.

In my 18 years of skating, I’ve owned over 300 different skate shoes. It’s helpful that I wear the sample size (US 9) for many of these shoes, but my passion for skate shoes has led me to try many different styles. The internet is filled with skate shoe reviews, but many of them lack key information such as sizing information.

Most skate shoe reviews simply focus on features, but at Skateshoeguru, you will find comprehensive reviews including in-depth sizing information to help consumers determine how a specific shoe will fit their unique foot form, an increasingly important topic considering the number of online consumers in today’s market.

Find the best online skate shops.

Skateshoeguru brings together passionate skateboarders and helps them to make educated consumer decisions. In addition to detailed skate shoe reviews, you can find honest reviews of top online skate shops. Throughout the years, I have purchased from online shops around the world, with both good and bad experiences! At Skateshoeguru, you will find straightforward info regarding delivery services/costs, payment methods, return policies, promotions, and more from the largest online skate shops.

Don’t forget to post your own comments under my skate shoe reviews or your interactions with online shops to help the Skateshoeguru community further our knowledge base.

Contact the Skateshoeguru directly.

Contact me anytime using the contact page! I’m ready to help with suggestions, specific shoe questions, and info regarding online shops.

Thanks and enjoy the Skateshoeguru website!