Etnies Joslin 2 Skate Shoe Review

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Sizing: The Etnies Joslin 2 skate shoe fits true to size. The shoe provides a nice, snug and secure fit. There is an optional/removable velcro strap for extra snug fit in case you need it.I suggest you to buy this shoe in your normal shoe size.

Boardfeel/Grip:  The Etnies Jolsin 2 shoe similar to the Joslin pro model, features the Michelin outsole, but the most updated version of it that uses Fiber Lite Technology for a more lightweight and more flexible performance(as mentioned on Etnies website.
In reality, the shoe does have plenty of flexibility and grip. It feels great to skate it straight out of the box.The outsole’s flex pattern is allowing the shoe to bend in any direction, providing a great boardfeel for a cupsole. The grip as well is extremely good and Michelin is definitely playing its role out there!

Shape:  The shape of the shoe might look a bit bulkier than the first Chris Joslin’s pro model. There have been some changes to the shape, which is a normal thing to happen, as now there is stitching taking place in the toe area. Looking the shoe from above and starting from the tongue and moving to the toe area, you will realize that from a more wide shape it ends up to a very well balanced shape on the toe. I could call it a pointy toe but at the same time i wouldn’t.

Etnies Free Shipping on Orders Over $99, Shop Now!

Durability:  I skated the Etnies Joslin 2 shoes for more than 10 sessions and i can say i am pretty surprised on how well they are holding up. In the beginning, when i first read about this model coming out and at the retail price that is hitting the stores, i was a bit afraid about the durability and the stitching in the toe area but as long as i read that there is a rubber underlay beneath the toe area then this gave me a sort of relief. This is a plus for this sure, as it will expand the shoe’s life and it pay you back the money you spent to buy them.

Cushioning: The shoe features the classic STI pro foam 1 insole which is the same that is used in the Marana and the Joslin pro. I found the Etnies Joslin 2 shoes having far better cushion than plenty of other cupsole models at this price range. The shoe is very comfortable and after the skate sessions your feet don’t hurt. I believe the Michelin Fiber Lite outsole is helping out with the impact support too.

Style:   I was a fan of the Joslin pro shoe until the second pro model came out. This model is super stylish, it fits and skates great and i have only good words to say for Etnies after having made pretty good updates compared to the previous shoe. I liked also the fact that the strap is removable, as i am not a huge fan of it. To sum up, i know plenty of you (like myself in the beginning) will think that the price is a turn down, but believe that the saying ‘you buy what you pay for’ here is more realistic than even and you will be surprised.

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