Dvs Comanche 2.0 Skate Shoe Review


Sizing: The Dvs Comanche 2.0 skate shoe fits true to size. I suggest you to buy them in your normal shoe size.

Boardfeel/Grip:  The Dvs Comanche 2.0 skate shoe is an updated version of the heritage model from Dvs footwear the Comanche. This updated version is a slimmed down version which combines the OG skate shoe look with lightweight silhouette and great skate performance. The first thing i noticed when i put them on was how flexible and comfortable they are. I didn’t have any problem to break them in and since the very first moment this shoe felt awesome. Despite the bulkier look (normal as being a reinvented heritage model) from today’s majority of skate shoes, these shoes have plenty of boardfeel and they are flexible due to the the molded Vaporcell midsole. The outsole is grippy and the tread pattern works perfect.

Shape:  The Dvs Comanche 2.0 certainly has this early 00’s skate shoe shape which we all loved back in time but the difference here is that the designer of this shoe managed not only to keep that OG look but at the same time to give a shape which makes it 100% functional. By this i mean that the mid and back of the shoe has a more puffy and wider look but the front part of the shoe and especially the toe box is lowered down.

Durability: Although i was a bit suspicious about the durability of this shoe, especially because i bought the nubuck version, the shoe doesn’t rip easily as there is a double cup for extended wear as Dvs mentions in the description of the shoes and this really works. The Outsole is super durable and you will need a lot of time until you will start to see some  flat spot on the tread pattern.I skated these shoes  2 weeks and as you can see in the pictures below the shoe holds up great.

Cushioning: A big + of the Dvs Comanche 2.0 skate shoe is the cushioning. Being a fan of a previous Dvs model called the Vapor, i knew that the Vaporcell technology really works and feels good so i didn’t have any doubt about it. In fact the Vaporcell not only takes a lot of impact  but also makes the shoe lightweight and flexible. An extra feature to this model in terms of extra cushion is the molded TPE insole which is made from Vaporcell and it feel really comfy and cushy since day one. Either you are jumping down big set either you just want some good cushion and comfy skate shoes to skate flat, curbs, manuals etc.. the Dvs Comanche 2.0 is gonna work perfect!

Style:   These days the trend is to bring back shoes form the 2000’s era  and brands like Dc and Es footwear mostly are  the ones who are more involved into this with models like the Dc legacy Og and legacy slim , the Kalis Og and Kalis s , Es Silo, Es Scheme etc…
I am a fan of that kind of style in skate shoes but nowadays i would never choose the Og models but the slimmed down versions. Dc Legacy slim has been in my top 3  list for example and after i tried the Dvs Comanche 2.0 i can say that i liked the way they skate if not more at least the same. I am super excited about the Dvs Comanche 2.0 as they work perfect for me and there is nothing else i could have asked from a skate shoe. A lot may say that they look bulky but it is a heritage shoe reinvented so i cannot see how this could have been avoided. Personally i don’t like to skate vulcanized and very slim skate shoes as it doesn’t give me the sense of safety for my feet, so having a cupsole pair which feels safe and it is lightweight, flexible, grippy, durable and flicks great…then this is more that perfect i assume!Give it a try and you will remember my words!


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  1. Awesome review! Just ordered a pair. Can’t believe dvs goes under the radar in the skate game

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