New Balance Numeric Tiago 808

new balance tiago 808

New Balance Numeric is getting ready to release another pro model for their top pro skate Tiago Lemos.
Tiago Lemos already have a pro with New Balance Numeric, the NB# 1010.
new balance tiago 808

The first pro model of  Tiago Lemos is full of tech and that’s what the 1010 stands for, as traditionally New Balance gives the numbers on each model depending on how much tech is involved on the shoe. So with Phantom fit, Triple stitching and FuelCell foam midsole this shoe is one of the most technical in the market.

With the arrival of the second pro model for Tiago Lemos, the NB808 in the beginning of September 2022, we are expecting a slight different approach on the design and the tech specs. The New Balance Numeric 808 still being a cupsole, will be definitely be a durable shoe as this is what Tiago wanted, but there is a different aesthetics and approach on this model. The shoe is inspired by 90’s running shoes and sits on a full length foam midsole. The very first colorway to be launched will be the red white blue and there will be some more to follow.

new balance tiago 808
new balance 808 tiago

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