Adidas Lucas Puig Skate Shoe Review

adidas lucas puig shoes

Sizing: This is the Adidas Lucas Puig skate shoe review!In terms of fit, the Adidas Lucas Puig skate shoes run true to size.

Boardfeel/Grip: If there is something i enjoyed most in this shoe, this is the boardfeel. The Adidas Lucas Puig shoes are very flexible since the very first moment and this leads to great boardfeel. As it usually happens, flexible skate shoes have very good grip, and that’s the case with this pair too. The tread pattern of the outsole grips really well your board, and there is no way of having your shoe slipping off of it.

Shape: The front/toe shape of the adidas Puig shoes  is something in between of round and pointy, which actually works pretty fine with flip tricks. The sole in the heel part is standing slightly higher and gradually becomes slimmer reaching the toe area. That of course minimizes the distance between your foot and the board in the front area of your foot, and maximizes the bordfeel.

Durability:  The Adidas Lucas Puig skate shoes are very durable. Although you might need to be prepared and add some super glue in the stitching of the ollie area in order to increase the lifetime of your shoes. The ollie area’s stitching is the weakest part of this shoe but as mentioned before, damage can be prevented.

The outsole is pretty durable as well and will last more than the suede for sure.

Cushioning: Not a lot to say about impact protection of this shoe. The shoe is mostly made to  provide boardfeel and grip and the impact support is minimal.

Th insole is the standard Adiprene one that is used in most of the recent Adidas shoes. Other than that the shoe doesn’t feature any other technology in order to increase imparct support.

Style:  The Adidas Lucas Puig skate shoe is definitely a good looking shoe, no doubt about that. There are plenty of colorways coming out recently which are dope. The slim tongue, the secure fit in the heel and the style of the sole continuing in a triangle shape in the back of the heel looks pretty rad. A very comfy skate shoe that can be wore any time and for any purpose.

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