Selective Brand Launch

Selective Brand has launched the online shop.
The brand is inspired by skateboarding and all the street sports. The identity of the brand come from the founder himself, a skateboarder,being dedicated to the sport for more than 22 years. The idea behind the creation of the brand was to create quality products for all the skaters and the rest of street sports fans all around the world.

In fact, the Selective Brand has started with 2 collections of  premium quality t-shirts, something that you don’t see often from brand.
One collection is the so called ‘Committed to Skateboarding’ where the t-shirts are made of 100% cotton and 190 gsm, and the second collection is the Heavyweight t-shirt collection with once again t-shirts made of 100% and 250gsm .

What is up next for the Selective Brand?
Many good news to follow, with more colorways for the heavyweight t-shirt collection, long sleeve t-shirts, heavyweight hoodies and windbreakers soon to be launched as well.
It is going to be an exiting year for Selective Brand, I can tell this from first hand, as I got some samples in our hands, and I can guarantee that this brand is here to stay.The quality jokes apart is outstanding and it makes me wonder what are all those ‘big’ and ‘established’ brands are doing when it comes to quality.

I am really happy and ready to support a brand that is skater owned and supports the quality over quantity.
Pricing is also pretty good, as the Committed to Skateboarding t-shirts are at 21,99 € and the Heavyweight t-shirts at 27,90€ .
Not to forget to mention that they ship worldwide with registered mail and also there is an extra bonus for those located in Europe as there is free shipping in all orders above 99€.

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